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“Horsing Around at Bear Creek” is a book that will make any mystery reader excited.

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“Horsing Around at Bear Creek” is a book that will make any mystery reader excited.
Lloyd Sherman, a professional landscape and nature photographer, needs someone to watch after his mountain cabin and horse while he spends time away at a corporate job. Donna Brown who had completed her degree in psychology answered his ad, a horsewoman and university student who needed a horse in her life and a place with the solitude that the ad in the paper had promised. Donna was not looking for complications or a romance but what followed no one could have predicted. This story provides the reader with mystery, love, and adventure.
Lloyd stood aside and let Donna pass into the kitchen. ‘This woman is spectacular,’ he thought to himself as she glided by. “Please go on into the living room and sit wherever you like.” As he closed the door, he noticed the sporty looking new convertible in the driveway. Curious.

A woman from Lloyd’s past who stole his negatives and CDs has helped create distrust when it comes to someone getting to close too him. There is a gallery now profiting off of Lloyd and although he would like to ignore the situation he knows that something has to be done to remedy it.
The story takes place in the beautiful Adirondack Mountains of New York. The reader will experience that beauty and feel the closeness of mountain people and their love for each other. As a neighbor of Lloyd’s said, “during the great depression they did not understand what was happening, as they had nothing before the depression, nothing during it and still have nothing but each other.”
You will find out how much a horse can become a part of a person’s life. Lloyd who is into training his horse through the process of natural horsemanship and Donna who spent her youth showing horses at the major Quarter Horse competitions throughout the mid-west.
Travel along with Lloyd, Donna, and their friends. Live and feel, but most of all join them on the road they are traveling and experience the love where their adventure takes them. The reader is sure to feel the emotions and the emotional roller coaster provided by the author, smell the pines and experience the beauty Of Blue Mountain Lake and the Adirondack Museum. Enjoy the simplicity of life and the excitement of mountain living in this novel.
You will find the story entertaining and the characters are realistic and believable. The reader will be hooked from the very first pages and will be looking for the future adventures of Lloyd Sherman.

Author: Edward Friedman

Edward Friedman was born in and lived his early years in the beautiful Shawangunk Mountains of New York State a few miles from Lake Minnewaska. He spent much of his life roaming the Catskill and Adirondack Mountains before retiring in the Rocky Mountains. The mountains have had a hold on him through out his life. Much Of that life horses and camera where part of it. After retiring from the construction field, he began to write small stories and that is when HORSING AROUND AT BEAR CREEK was born. Ed now lives in Florida with his wife and has swapped his horse for a bicycle.


  1. This was truly an interesting read not just for horse lovers but those who want to be engrossed in the realistic story of living in the magical beauty of the mountains. It was a light reading of love, enhancing nature, and suspense all wrapped up nicely and leaving the reader wanting more of the same. Don’t pass it up!


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